Adam Alexander Campbell
Adam Alexander Campbell

Personal Projects and Experience

C# Currency Converter

C# Currency Converter is, as the name suggests, a very basic currency conversion application. In it's current state, it allows for GBP to be converted to any currency supported. The application is intended to be very lightweight, and easy to use. Due to this, it's appearance is rather basic (to put it lightly).

The conversion is done by making use of ExchageRate-API's Exchange Rates to check what value the GBP holds against other currencies.

The inspiration for this project came from wanting to brush up on my C# skills, and my own personal interests in currency conversions. As previously mentioned throughout my website, I’m rather fond of travelling. Therefore, it helps to know what the current state of the GBP is.

OSRS Profit Tracker

OSRS Profit Tracker is a personal project which I started out of my own interest in the game Old School Runescape and with the intetntions to further expand upon my Web Development skills.

Old School Runescape is an economy driven MMO, meaning that one of the main goals is to make as much money (gp) as possible. There are countless ways to do this, as each item in the game has it's own value and own methods to aquire it.

OSRS Personal Tracker, OSRSPT for short, aims to gather some of the more reliable and best methods for gathering money in the game and compile them into one easily accessible hub for player to navigate. Methods are grouped with other relevant methods, and the requirements for each money making method are also listed.

OSRS Personal Tracker uses the OSBuddy api to get accurate prices for ingame items from the Grand Exchange (the player market from the game). It was important that the OSBuddy api was used, rather than the official api provided by the developers of the game (Jagex), as the OSBuddy api has more accurate prices than the official api. This allows for more accurate profits from money making methods to be calculated.

The website is still under development, however, OSRS Personal Tracker is live now and features some money making methods, such as Blast Furnace Runs, and will be frequently updated with new money making methods.

OSRS Personal Tracker can be accessed via the url or by clicking the provided screenshot to the side.

Budget Buddy

Budget Buddy is the first App which I developed on iOS and released on the App Store. It's a simple and easy to use budgeting app. Budget Buddy allows users to track their spending, and their income. After the user has entered all of their expenses, and incomes, their total monthly costs will be calculated. The user can also track how much savings they have left after their monthly costs have been deducted.

Budget Buddy also allows users to setup recurring transactions, such as rent, so that you don't have to manually input it each month. Daily and Weekly recurring transactions can also be set up.

Users can easily visualise their spendings and savings through the main Pie Chart, allowing for a quick understanding and breakdown of where their money is being spent. This can be broken down to Weekly, or even Daily spending views.

A more detailed report is also available. This will list all of the user's transactions, including ones from previous months, arranged by their date.

Budget Buddy is availabe for free on the Apple App, however, the release of iOS 13 has caused some issues with the application. These may possible be fixed in an update at a later date in the future, however, there are no current plans to do so.

Grade Calculator

This simple project was written using C++. It allows a user to enter the amount of coursework which their module has, and the weight of the overall module grade which each coursework accounts for. The user will also enter the grade which they recieved for each coursework and then the brackets for each grade will be calculated.

The inspiration for this program came from my own personal interest and convenience. During exam periods I would always try to calculate the percentage I would need in an exam for each grade given the results of my previous courseworks. This program made it quick and convenient to easily calculate the brackets for each grade.

CSV File Reader

This simple project was written using Python. It allows a user to analyse the data provided from an NS2 tracefile. Users will be prompted to enter the name of the tracefile, which must be located in the same directory. Statistics, such as packets dropped, will then be calculated.

The inspiration for this program came when I was doing a coursework for a module at university. This module, Data Communications and Networking, centred heavily around the use of NS2 and observing how each network performed. Performance was often measured through tracefiles, some of which were 2 million + lines long. Due to their large sizes, I thought it would be easiest to write a program which could easily calculate the Statistics for me.