Adam Alexander Campbell
Adam Alexander Campbell

University Experience and Projects

Hina Bike Rental

During my third year at university, we were placed into random teams and asked to develop a Bike Rental system. Our team chose the name Hina Bike Rental, named after the Polynesian Goddess. Each team member was allocated a specific role, and I was assigned the position of iOS App Developer due to my proir knowledge in Swift and Xcode.

As the team's iOS App Developer, I was solely responsible for; the development, testing, and maintenance of the team's iOS App. Core functionality consists of fetching data from a database, using JSON, and plotting the data against Apple's Map Libraries. The app boasts some ergonomic and user friendly features, such as a map which displays all available bikes and bike racks, the ability to rent a bike through the use of scanning a QR code, the ability to drop a bike off anywhere without the constraints of a bike rack, and the ability to have the map direct you to the closest bike or bike rack.

Due to the nature of the group project being simulated, and not a real system, payment details were not incorporated or handled as it was outwith the scope of the project. This also meant that the iOS App could not be published on the App Store, due to plagarism issues and Apple's strict publishing agreements. However, I have uploaded the source code to GitHub and linked youtube videos showcasing some of the app's key features.

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